Randolph Thompson Dible II (mostconducive) wrote in expansion,
Randolph Thompson Dible II

Consequences of the Calculus of the Present

Consequences of Unkowability: Subjectivity Without Knowledge; Where Nothing is Rationed.

Categoreal Abstract

O. -Order Zerom, Zeroness, Chaos, White Noise,

Transdisciplinary Nomenclature: The Unknowable, Hetero-reference, Loss

Pure Objectivity = Profundity = Love

A. Axiomless Abstraction: Profundity
composed conversion: Paradox - Subjectivity
B. Axiological Abstraction: Universion, Subjectivity, Trinity or Triplicity of Divinity, Marked state, The Parameter

A logical domain can be discerned relatively as a communicative contexture or pattern of junctions of factions and functions (in connexus) whence counted by a Principal or Count (ruling and measuring subjective forms) computes as much as confines a creature by means of praxis or dimensionality. From such angels (algebraic factions and function) subjectivity is manifest as inspiration of a living present The creatures define a present world of scene and stage created contextually and concreted constructurally.

I. -Order One, Oneness

Transdisciplinary Nomenclature: Unity, Self-Reference, Identification,
Pure Subjectivity = Subjectivity = Life

A. Axiomless Abstraction: Subjectivity
configured composition: Paradigm - Subjective forms and Eternal objects
B. Axiological Abstraction: Profundity, Hetero-reference, The Unknowable, Unmarked space, The Axiom

An organism or organization can be concerned relevantly within a community of nations and notions

Corporeally Concrescent

This is a corpus since it unifies an authorative body of text into the terminological or teleological subjective orgasm of peak experience, conceptual seeds of utmost potency paving allegorical forests and uncharted wilderness of novel creatures and natures. Colloquial human spirituality is asymmetrical and hence not attractive enough for other organisms to commune with. From brids, bees, heards, seas, every natural finnished product, and far more supernatural principles primordial (elementals; actually elementalities, mathematical tensors, angels) creatures. Human spirituality is underdeveloped in its "in-touch" feelings, dominant are "in-fomed and "in-told" thoughts. Relativity is far more developed than relevancy. The eternal object of culture is community, as the eternal object of life is love, so external is just a bad word.

A paradise is a cog in God, for God doesn't think or cognize, but is in the cog without the ignition since dynamics are a temporeal perversion of the ever-present God given. Creatures-- captured instances of a creator-- are geared up and such is their general predicament. But each cog is an infinitesimal point of reference, the gear being the rationally ["ratio (half diameter)-nally-deter (indicative) -mined (dug)"] determined sphere or ground of reference whose music is the iterative nature (natural process) of the ground; where the gears are characters, the corpus is an ego or communicative subjective form. The cognizing ego-form (egoic subjective form) operates contextually (by its sense of consense) and defines textually. The world of the ego is the social scene constructed by the consensual definition of the interest
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